Remote Control (API)

Using remote control

Open Sound Meter could send and receive measurements data between different instances and/or devices in one network. Wi-Fi connection is also supported. You can use it for remote control and monitoring.

Audio interface connected to the MacBook at the FOH. But you need to move your microphones and see new results right here.
Take your iPad or iPhone with Open Sound Meter connected via wi-fi on the same network with MacBook.

To enable remote control activate SERVER button in the properties. To receive data activate CLIENT button.

Supported applications

Remote control and monitoring is supported in all Open Sound Meter applications since v1.2:
• Open Sound Meter for iPad
• Open Sound Meter for desktop

Using API

Any third party application may use Open Sound Meter API under the following conditions:

Open source projects
You are welcome to use our API for free in any Open Source Project published on the internet. Please, send us details about your application or plugin and we'll add it on these page.

We'd like have an individual approach to each project and offer you the best solutions. Please, contact our sales: