Open Sound Meter

Sound measurement application for tuning audio systems in real-time
by Pavel Smokotnin

The modern all-around sound analysis app for iPad!
Available on App Store from July 5, 2021

Current version is v1.3. Released on 12 Nov 2023


Easy to start. Uncomplicated interface, all functions in just one click.



Pay what you want for desktop version. Every donation is a great help!



Desktop version are available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.


All basic functions

RTA, magnitude, phase and impulse response, coherence, group delay and spectrogram

Keep your workspace clean

You can save and open your measurement projects. Each store automatically collects measurement settings.

And something more

Additional features:

  • wavelength calculator
  • virtual summation, difference and averaging
  • signal generator
  • automatic check for update