About the project

Open Sound Meter was concieved as new approach to audio engineering software. My goal was to make it in a completely different way: very simple, intuitive and fast.

I started the development in 2017, the first version of Open Sound Meter was released in 2018. Most of the time was spent looking for the best mathematical solutions in order for the program to work correctly, quickly and stably, and without excessive CPU load. I came up with a several innovative ideas (data low pass filters, log time windows transform, etc)

Desktop version is open-source, you can contribute to the project on GitHub!

Features planned for future implementation:

  • Logging and automatisation
  • Acoustics measurements

Available in App Store since July 5, 2021.


My name is Pavel Smokotnin, I am an engineer by education, my passion is sound and higher math.

I have extensive experience as a sound engineer. That's why I know exactly how the product should work and what functions it should have.

I am developing other audio applications and devices as a job.

Feel free to contact me:

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