Open Sound Meter is looking for sponsors

Open Sound Meter is a software for measuring and analyzing audio systems. The desktop version is free and open source. All work on the project is done by two people - Pavel (technical side) and Alexandra (management).

The beta version of Open Sound Meter was first introduced in 2018. Development continued constantly and in 2021 a full-fledged version v1 with wide functionality was released. Also in 2021 we made a paid app for iPad and mac M1, since that moment new features are being introduced first of all there.

Open Sound Meter v1 was downloaded by more than 11 thousand unique users from 115 countries (as of December 2021).

In February 2022, we are preparing the release of Open Sound Meter v1.1 for desktops, which will include many of the features that sound engineers need:

  • Long delay finder
  • dB and power averages
  • Nyquist and crest factor plots
  • and other cool features already available for users of the iPad app.

Thanks to the new functionality, Open Sound Meter will become an application suitable for working on any venue, including the largest.

Why it is important for you to become a sponsor of Open Sound Meter

Open Sound Meter is a very special project. It was conceived as a completely new approach to software for sound engineers.

Main goals:

Thus, by supporting Open Sound Meter, you support not only accessible software, but also a new direction in sound engineering.

Sponsorship packages:

General sponsor Sponsor
$5000 per year - only 1 package $2000 per year per year - only 5 package
a link to you in application's about
a link to you it in the "Sponsors" section on the website
we will post some of your links in social media (we are ready to discuss the format)
every time at the start of the desktop version of Open Sound Meter, the user will see a message that your brand supports the development
your banner in the footer of
posts in social media will be accompanied by a link to you
promotion at offline events

If you have any other proposals for cooperation, we will also be happy to discuss them.

For sponsorship inquiries, please email Alexandra -